• We can't stop the crime...


    but we can help crime victims...

  • ... for 27 years!




Non – political humanitarian association for victims of crime and prevention of criminality

Registration at the Ministry of Interior: VSC/1-76 15/91 R
Established: 4. 9. 1991
National activity



Help to victims of crime
  • immediate
  • free of charge, professional and confidential help to victims in the network of counselling centres of BKB
  • moral, psychological and legal work
Improving legal status of the victimsin criminal proceedings and in society
  • working out and submission of stimuli for lawmaking initiative, cooperation at lawmakingfrom the proposals
Spreading information about the problems
of victims to general public as well as
  • lectures, seminars, conferences and other, activities, publications, presentations in media aimed at increasing legal consciousness and information
Extending information about possibilities means of criminality prevention, especially principles of behaviour which decreases the risk of becoming a victim
Publishing (leaflets, brochures, stickers)
  • Protection of children from bullying (1997);
  • DONA help line (2001) KORMIDLO (2002);
  • Police dealing with victims of crimes (2003);
  • Contact with victims of domestic violence (2003);
  • Safety in the city – for seniors (running)
  • Domestic violence does not belong into relationship (2002 – 2003);
  • 12 topics for teachers (running)
Cooperation with national institutions
and international organizations for victims
of crimes and prevention of criminality
Membership and cooperation:
  • European Forum for Victim Services
  • Alliance against domestic violence
  • NGOs and authorities in the Czech republic
Establishment and management of
a foundation for victims of crimes
Improving material status of victims:
  • support in getting compensation from state
  • mediating financial help from The Filip Venclik Foundation
  • support of relevant interests of victims


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