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Non-standard services

In cases of violent crime Bily kruh bezpeci offers non-standard services apart from the free of charge counselling. Volunteers from Bily kruh bezpeci accompany victims to court, visit the injured victims in hospital and mediate further services needed (weekend psychological recovery stays, financial support from The Filip Venclik Foundation ).

I. Weekend psychological recovery stays for Bily kruh bezpeci clients

Bily kruh bezpeci organizes psychological recovery stays for victims of violent crimes and for the survivors since 1995.

Weekend psychological recovery stays are:

  • Organized twice a year
  • Extension of Bily kruh bezpeci services
  • Offered to the clients who were provided counselling service in Bily kruh bezpeci
  • Involve relaxation, physic rehabilitation, talk with psychologist, work therapy and meeting interesting people

Weekend psychological recovery stays took place in Letohradek Vendula in Horni Bezdekov, in the past they were organized in Kostelec nad Cernymi lesy, in Olomouc and Tursko. Both our and foreign experience show that a short-term stay in a different surroundings together with experts and connected with the possibility of relaxation exercise and nice walks in nature is a healing balm for soul. Participants of the weekend psychological recovery stays come back satisfied, after some time they evaluated the time spent with the volunteers from Bily kruh bezpeci positively.

II. Accompaniment to court, visits in hospital

In extremely serious cases where violent crime was committed, in cases of repeated victimization and vulnerable victims the volunteers of Bily kruh bezpeci accompany victims (witnesses and survivors) to court hearing where they provide practical help, advice, moral and psychological support.


III. Cooperation with The Filip Venclik Foundation

Bily kruh bezpeci started cooperation with The Filip Venclik Foundation in 1999.

It was the tragic death of Filip Venclik – student who was attacked without any reason in Prague subway in September 1993. He suffered deadly injury.

The mission of the Filip Venclik Foundation is to support victims and survivors after violent crimes. The Filip Venclik Foundation closely cooperates with Bily kruh bezpeci, which is in prime contact with victims and recommends those victims to the foundation who in their opinion need help the most.

In 1999 – 2004 quick help without any formalities was paid out in total amount 430.000 CZK to victims and survivors who were in need and were not supported from other sources.

During a six-year cooperation of BKB and The Filip Venclik Foundation help was provided to e.g. victim of robbery, who suffered terrible torture despite her age, victim of repeated rape by three perpetrators, two underage victims of attempt of murder, victim of attempt of rape with heavy bodily harm, three survivors after murder who have children of the victims in care, nineteen-year old victim of crime of carelessness who suffered serious injury with life-long consequences, and other persons.

Victims used the financial support to overcome socially difficult situation, for covering expenses for advocate in criminal proceedings and proceedings about compensation, for recovery stays and renovation of the part of apartment where the crime was committed.

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