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How to differ domestic violence from other types of family problems and crisis


How to differ domestic violence from other types of family problems and crisis:

1. By direct asking – key questions are targeted at physical, psychical, sexual bit also economic violence.
(key questions: what is going on, first domestic violence, last domestic violence, the worst domestic violence, how does partner express aggression, how did you behave during the last domestic violence, last domestic violence, what imminently foregoes the attacks, what problems do you have right after the attack, pain, problems, injuries, did you look for medical treatment, help – where did you go for help …)

2. By virtue of three criteria, according to which it is possible to differ domestic violence from other problems between partners:
A. violence starter – domestic violence is not provoked by the behaviour of the victim!
B. repetition – domestic violence is not uniphase!
- domestic violence is a process, which has its beginning, development and runs to some ends
- radically changes the characteristics of the relationship
C. victim’s feelings – typical feelings of victims: fear of repetition of violence

3. By virtue of psychological signs of domestic violence:
- manipulation with reality (flabbiness, refusing help)
- inability to give vent to anger
- dissociation
- violence minimization
- learned helplessness, self-destructive and self-blaming reactions

Complication in detecting domestic violence:

- victims are often ashamed
- victims can give other reasons for the symptoms of their posttraumatic reactions
- victims tend to minimize
- the reality is usually worse than victims admit

What to do when it is a domestic violence victim:

- acquire complete and detailed documentation (evidence for the criminal proceedings)
- pass contact for places of help (e.g. DONA help line number, help line number, shelter and other)
- in case of imminent risk of threat ask if the victim can stay overnight at their friends, relatives, pass contact to shelter, eventually try to arrange this
- support in further steps
- do not force into anything, all the decisions must be made by the victims themselves.

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