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    but we can help crime victims...

  • ... for 27 years!

We are open

The counseling centers of Bílý kruh bezpečí remain in operation during the State of Emergency without any changes. You can find opening hours on our website www.bkb.cz

Please note, that if you wish to visit us and you do not speak Czech, bring with you someone who can translate for you OR contact us first of all via e-mail / phone.

It is necessary to use a facemask in the premises of all our counselling centers. Please pay attention to proper hand hygiene. Hand disinfection is ready at your disposal.

If you do not feel well, or you have been in contact with an infected person, or you have been ordered isolation or quarantine, please postpone your visit to the counselling center.

Helpline for victims of crime and domestic violence: 116 006 – nonstop, confidential, cost-free (in Czech).

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